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We want filmmakers to succeed. We want YOU to find the answers you need! Aside from the extraordinary wisdom that can be attained from FILMMAKER IN A BOX, we have an additional series of videos on YouTube that help answer some questions beyond what’s covered in The Box.

Videos from FIB Online:

And for questions beyond that – we offer a ton of amazing free resources online.

Additional Internet Resources:

A Shot in the Dark: A Creative DIY Guide to Digital Video Lighting on (Almost) No Budget

FILMMAKER IN A BOX co-creator Jay Holben has a book that is a phenomenal resource for the independent cinematographer, gaffer or director looking to understand lighting. Not only does it teach the basics of lighting and exposure, it also teaches you how to make your own inexpensive lighting fixtures. If you’re looking to make independent images, this is the book to start you off (and we don’t just say that because Jay’s our boss…).

Get it on Amazon.com


An extraordinary resource, especially for the latest camera and technology information. Site runner Ryan Koo also wrote an extraordinary book on HDSLR cameras – which is free from the website. This is a weekly newsletter WE look forward to reading every week.


A resource-rich site with a ton of great information, products, tips, articles and tutorials. Great free e-course on movie marketing is available if you sign up to their e-mail list!


An all-inclusive resource for independent filmmakers including tutorials, great articles, documents and much more.


A resource specifically for camera assistants – this is THE go-to place for 1st and 2nd ACs. If you aspire to working, or are currently working, in the camera department, this site is there for you.


If you’re not yet ready to make a feature film, this is the organization that helps you make your serious short films – along with an extraordinary monthly screening.

The Secrets to Distribution

You’ve taken a Herculean journey and made a movie. Congratulations! What do you do to ensure the final stage of this major endeavor, achieving distribution for your film? Learn the secrets here!


Have you already made your film? Trying to figure out what to do NEXT? Here’s a site that helps you considerably through the dangerous waters of distribution. DON’T SELL A FILM WITHOUT IT!


If you own an iPhone or an iPad or an iAnything… tablet… smart phone… and you’re a filmmaker – this is the site for you. Independent filmmaker Taz Goldstein collects and reports on the best applications for filmmakers. An invaluable resource.

Cambrige In Colour

An extraordinary resource for understanding how digital cameras work. Phenomenal tutorials for the deeper technical aspects of image creation.

Movie Firearms Safety Guide

Written by Movie Gun Services, LLC, if you have weapons on your set, EVERYONE should read and know these safety guidelines and employ a professional gun handler. NOTE: A law enforcement officer or even a military weapons specialist is NOT the same as a professional weapons handler. The trade is very different for safe handling of weapons on a set. Don’t mess around with weapons, always be safe. Always have a professional handler taking care of all weapons.

Downloadable – useable Resources:

Kevin MacLeod’s Incompetech.com

This is one of the most extraordinary resources we can present. Composer Kevin MacLeod offers hundreds of FREE music tracks (credit necessary) for use in short films, web content, even feature films… His work is fantastic, the cues he offers are truly extraordinary.

DOF (Depth of Field) Master, online Depth of Field Calculator

A resource for cinematographers and camera assistants. Notes, calculators and tutorials on depth of field and focus.

Celtx Production Tools

Online resource for screenwriting software, breakdown, schedule and budget software. Subscription basis.


Online screenwriting software.

More to Come!