Film Maker in a Box - Beta

More than a “How to Make Movies”

FILMMAKER IN A BOX is unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Seriously.

If you’re a lover of movies who dreams of getting behind the camera, you know you own dozens of DVDs with behind-the-scens material that you’ve watched 100 times. Right?

But, seriously… When are you going to get the chance to be standing in a field surrounded by 10,000 extras all in custom-made armor filming with 20 cameras? Chances are your first film (or even your second or third) are going to be significantly smaller in scale than that…

FILMMAKER IN A BOX is the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at the making of a micro-budget (meaning REALISTIC BUDGET!) feature film. This is a look into how a professional near-no-budget film is made – with EVERY DETAIL available at your fingertips!

Who are these people?

The team behind the movie and FILMMAKER IN A BOX were comprised of professionals with nearly 100 years of combined professional experience in the motion picture industry. Their talents have contributed to productions like:

  • Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report
  • CBS’ CSI: New York and Without a Trace
  • Showtime’s Dexter
  • HBO’s Femme Fatales
  • Sean Penn’s documentary Witch Hunt
  • The Sundance Grand Jury Prize Nominee Steel City

  • In addition to teachings at the New York Film Academy and The Global Cinematography Institute and contributions to publications such as The Hollywood Reporter, American Cinematographer Magazine, Videography and Digital Video Magazines.

    How Can FILMMAKER IN A BOX Help You?

    FIB examines the EVERY detail of the making of an independent movie called 2 Million Stupid Women (a comedy written by a woman!), which was made for only $100,000, made within the “Hollywood” system.

    FILMMAKER IN A BOX has 9 DVDs and a CD-ROM in it that offer over 17 and a half hours of INCREDIBLY detailed behind-the-scenes interviews and footage covering every stage of the prep, production and post-production . You’ll get interviews and conversations with all key members of the production team: the director, the producers, the writer, the cinematographers, the editor, the production sound mixer, the post production sound designer, the assistant director and more! These are not marketing fluff interviews – these are uncensored, honest and straight-to-the-point discussions about every pitfall, conflict and negotiation required to complete the project.

    In addition – not only do you have over TWO DAYS of documentary material, you also get hundreds of pages of the actual documents used to make the film: the full budget (yes! the REAL full budget, line by line see how the money was spent), the schedule, call sheets, every contract, director’s notes and MORE.

    FILMMAKER IN A BOX will take you, step-by-step, through the exact process this team took to mount an independent feature film from the ground up. FILMMAKER IN A BOX shines a light on every potential misstep and lucky break that can fall into a first-time (or second or third!) filmmaker’s lap.

    If you’ve never made a film before, after going through all ten discs of this box-set:

    You’ll feel as though you have.

    What’s in the Box?

    To get a real idea of what’s inside, you need to see the FULL TABLE OF CONTENTS (link below!), but – just as a sample FIB includes:

    The complete movie making experience all in one package. Over 17 hours divided into 108 individual video modules covering:

    • Development
    • Funding
    • Contracts
    • Casting
    • Rehearsals
    • Locations
    • Lighting
    • Sound
    • Cameras
    • Production Diary
    • Editing
    • Score
    • Music
    • Post Production Sound

    Plus a CD-Rom of all the documents including:
    • Full Budget
    • Schedule
    • Screenplay
    • Call Sheets
    • Casting Notes
    • Contracts

    FILMMAKER IN A BOX also includes such unique features as:
    • Audition footage
    • Rehearsals with the actors
    • The complete, pre-mixed, rough-cut of 2 Million Stupid Women
    • The entire table read with the cast and filmmakers of 2 Million Stupid Women
    • Comprehensive explanations on lighting and recording sound for every day of production
    • Behind the scenes footage shot during principle photography
    • Examples of the contracts, permits, call sheets, sound reports, and dozens of other pertinent documents used during production
    • Over 100 individual video modules detailing every single element of pre-production, production and post-production
    • The final release version of 2 Million Stupid Women
    • And even more…

    FIB is a must-own for anyone thinking of making their first, second or even third feature film

    It is beyond anything you can learn from film school or filmmaking tips in a book.

    This is as close to the experience of actually making a movie as you can get – without actually doing it.

    Through candid, first-hand anecdotes, hard-earned by actual independent filmmakers, FILMMAKER IN A BOX will help prepare you for what to expect before you ever step foot on set. Whether you’re prepping your first film, or you’re simply curious what goes into making an independent film, FILMMAKER IN A BOX is an essential tool of every aspiring moviemaker.

    Want to really see what’s inside the Box?

    Take a look at the Full Table of Contents of all 10 discs!