I wish something like this existed when I was starting out (probably wouldn’t have worked on so many films for free). It has immense value to those interested in making films or learning about how films are made. No bullshit; the next best thing to actually being there with the filmmakers while they were making it!

Mark Bell, Owner/Publisher/Editor-in-Chief, FilmThreat.com

Packed with useful tips and information. The $329 price seems quite reasonable when I recall all the years of workshops, seminars, and film festival panels that I’ve attended to get the information here.

Laurie K. Schended, DV Magazine – DV Award of Excellence Four out of Five DV Diamonds

Watching FILMMAKER IN A BOX is like making your first feature — at a fraction of the cost and the pain. You’ll learn the pitfalls and perils of production, arming yourself with great ideas and solutions that I guarantee you’ll use on every film you make from this point forward. Before you make your first low-budget feature — or your NEXT low-budget feature — you owe it to yourself and your movie to dive into FILMMAKER IN A BOX.

John Gaspard
Author, Fast Cheap and Under Control: Lessons Learned from the Greatest Low-Budget Movies of All Time and Digital Filmmaking 101

An incredibly rich, densely packed resource offering invaluable insight for anyone and everyone with an interest in any facet of the filmmaking process…A candid, honest appraisal of filmmaking’s challenges and rewards.

Jon D. Witmer, American Cinematographer

Useful information to be had no mater what yoru role is; but as most everyone who works on a micro-budget movie wears multiple hats out of necessity anyway, it makes sense that a guide to micro-budget indie moviemaking would cover, well, everything.

Rebecca Pahle, Moviemaker Magazine

I was amazed how much I learned from FILMMAKER IN A BOX, even after 16 years in the industry. Having worked in all aspects of development and production, I was impressed by how thorough and complete these DVDs are. While specific to 2 Million Stupid Women, the interviews include actual hands-on information that can be applied practically to any feature film. The back-up documentation is invaluable — so glad to see it all gathered in one place!

Josh R. Jaggars, VFX Producer 2012, Hancock

FILMMAKER IN A BOX is the most comprehensive case study I’ve ever seen taking you through the entire Production process of an independent film. If you want to know every detail of how to get from Pre-Production, through Production and Post on any film you’re trying to get off the ground, I strongly recommend you pick up a copy of this incredibly thorough resource.

Stacey Parks, Author of The Insider’s Guide to Independent Film Distribution

Wow! What a treat! Honestly when I first purchased FILMMAKER IN A BOX I thought it was just going to be another pointless product, discussing the ins-and-outs of films through a couple amateur points of view. WOW WAS I WRONG! This set is really jammed full of great, blunt, what-you-need content – no matter your skill level… I would highly recommend this product.

Chris Boss, Executive Producer, filmmakerforum.org

This is the stuff they don’t teach you in film school! You watch behind-the-scenes stuff to learn about filmmaking, but always feel you only get the glimmer. FILMMAKER IN A BOX goes below the glimmer and gives you the truth. With 17 hours of the real deal, you just saved yourself a year in film school, and a lot of money.

Jonas Thorbjoern, Writer/Director Copenhagen, Denmark

It shares the kind of lessons that can usually only be learned by doing. Not a lecture, not a seminar, just the honest, accurate, moment-to-moment account of everything it takes to put a film together.

Earl Newton, Executive Producer/Creator Stranger Things

FIB gets the viewer so involved you’ll feel like you’ve made your first feature. With this learning curve, you will be ready to tackle your next movie and use this box set as a guide throughout production.

Douglas Elford-Argent, Director/Producer The Brazen Bull, AfterThought

A thoroughly engrossing treat to the ravenous filmmaker in me looking for my next on-set fix!

John Hess, filmmakeriq.com

It is exactly the kind of resource that I really wanted before starting my first feature.

Jamie Neese, Director 2 Million Stupid Women